Tidy Your Room Like Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo's techniques have been proven to cleverly organize every room in the house. Also called the Konmari method, these different easy-to-apply techniques keep your interior tidy and tidy. To this end, specific rules should be followed. Complete file concerning this magic of tidying up to organize your room.

Hiking, accessible to all and full of health benefits

Accessible to all, hiking is a simple exercise, yet so effective and enjoyable! It allows us to fight against a sedentary lifestyle, to preserve our muscle mass and to occupy our mind. Its effectiveness is even better if coupled with a good diet. Let’s analyse the immense benefits of this incredible activity everyone should practice.

4 Most Efficient Indoor Plants For Every Household

Indoor plants are crucial for a healthy household and a complete peace of mind. They will highly improve your breathing comfort. Indeed, the most water-hungry, return 95% of their watering in the form of vapour allowing good humidification of your home by effectively combating the negative effects of air conditioning. Most of these purifying plants absorb fumes from cleaning products and even carbon monoxide. However, good ventilation is also indispensable to renew your indoor air.

Effects of caffeine on our sleep

What happens to our body when we drink coffee, what effects does caffeine have on our sleep, how to consume coffee properly in case of fatigue ... Discover all the answers to the questions that the we are wondering about the oldest energy drink.


Benefits of keeping a journal

Do you ever feel lost, not being able to take a step back from difficult situations, have feelings such as anger, sadness or fear within you but cannot let go of them? If the answer is yes, journaling has been shown to help you manage your emotions and feel better in a number of ways.

Can sleep help you loose weight?

The quality of our sleep influences our weight: nights that are too short are synonymous with pounds gained, and difficulty in losing weight. Let's understand how precious rest can affect our body for the better.

The benefits of reading before bed

More than a habit, it’s fun. Reading before sleep frees us from a day's worry. It is a private moment where we immerse ourselves in a sea of ​​letters, in a world of possibilities that leads us by the hand and takes the mind to exciting scenarios. This habit is one of our brain’s favourites because it likes to be nourished, stimulated and seduced every night...

Make your bedroom into a 5 star hotel

Who wouldn't want to sleep in a luxury hotel every night? The sumptuous sheets, the big soft duvets, the cloud-like pillows… an absolute dream! What if you are told that you can recreate the experience at home, tempting right? Discover our few golden rules to transform your room to feel like you are sleeping at the Ritz every night.

A Short History of Egyptian Cotton

Today the world uses more cotton than any other fibre. Cotton comes from cultivated plants of the Genus Gossypium. They have been cultivated since ancient times for their fibres which...

Essential oils for a good night's sleep

There are many ways to sleep better. And if we still think too often about medicine, nature for its part, has planned everything to overcome sleeping disorders. Herbal teas, for...