4 Most Efficient Indoor Plants For Every Household

Indoor plants are crucial for a healthy household and a complete peace of mind. They will highly improve your breathing comfort. Indeed, the most water-hungry, return 95% of their watering in the form of vapour allowing good humidification of your home by effectively combating the negative effects of air conditioning. Most of these purifying plants absorb fumes from cleaning products and even carbon monoxide. However, good ventilation is also indispensable to renew your indoor air.

In addition to purifying your household, they will improve your mental state.The sight of a plant lowers blood pressure. Recent studies even link the introduction of plants into the work environment and increased productivity. Placed in strategic places they can enhance the acoustic comfort of your rooms. They dampen vibrations from the outside and reduce the rapid propagation of sound, giving your home a peaceful atmosphere

After all, they take care of us as much as we take care of them.

We selected for you 4 plants that will be the perfect addition to your interior without requiring constant attention or previous experience.


Aloe Vera

In addition to purifying your air, the aloe vera plant contains a very special gel located inside each leave which can be extracted very easily and has many health properties. This gel is rich in vitamins A, E and B, beneficial for the skin and the hair. It also contains minerals, amino acids, organic acids and antioxidant agents. A beautiful combination that helps:

  • Moisturising and regenerating: it acts on cell regeneration, hydrates dry skin. Being non-greasy, it is suitable for all skin types.
  • Healing: it promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin and thus accelerates tissue restoration and healing. Useful for small cuts and abrasions.
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic: in the form of a stabilised gel, it relieves skin irritations (redness, slight burns, itching, chapping). It can be used after shaving or waxing, on a sunburn, insect bite, on the scalp in case of itching or dandruff.


    Peace Lily

    Native to Central and South America, the Spathiphyllum is a flowering plant beautifully nicknamed "Peace Lily". Besides its ornamental qualities, it absorbs benzene, xylene, ammonia or trichloroethylene much better than other plants, making it a favourite for cleaning the indoor air in our apartments. The Peace Lily is not pet friendly.


    Monstera Plant

    Monstera Deliciosa is a liana native to tropical rain forests. With its climbing, lush and wild look, it will give an air of urban jungle to your interior. Like the Peace Lily, it is a very efficient plant in absorbing formaldehyde and ammonia thanks to its large leaves. Be careful, however, its sap can be irritating to humans and toxic to animals.


    Spider Plant

    NASA has listed this species, native to South Africa, among the most effective depolluting plants in the world. The Spider Plant notably absorbs large amounts of carbon monoxide, which makes it an excellent aid for purifying a large room, such as the living room or the dining room.