5 ways to refresh your interior

Are you fed up with your current home decor? Here are a few tips to give your home a brand new look.


Learn the basics of home staging

Here is a useful technique used by interior designers: home staging respects 4 essential rules to beautify the house. First, you have to declutter to make the most of the space by sorting furniture and objects to bring minimalism and space to each room. After that, any kind of repairing is necessary to keep your home in good condition. Then rearranging your furniture in a more efficient way will allow to bring more light in and facilitate circulation. And finally, it’s time for creativity and personal touch with decoration.

Change the function of an object

You don't always need new elements to redo your decoration. Diverting objects from their main function allows you to change the visual you have. This is both an easy and economical way to renovate the decor. A rug on the walls, wine boxes turned into shelves, hangers turned into a picture frame, a little imagination and a few DIY strokes are all it takes to transform one object into another.


Convert to DIY

You can also beautify your home yourself. Make covers that will elegantly dress your cushions. DIY shelves from old pallets to spruce up the shower, bedroom or kitchen. In addition to refreshing, they help organize the room. Create an original rug with multi-coloured pompoms to brighten up your living room. DIYs give you the opportunity to craft items that can match the new style you want to adopt.


Repaint your old furniture

A stroke of paint is a solution to revamp your old furniture and add a touch of freshness into the decor. Painting the dining table with trendy colours like grey, or powdery hues will undoubtedly modernize the room that contains it. A wooden chest of drawers coloured in midnight blue offers a facelift to the decor of your bedroom. Slate, graphic shapes, a touch of white, several means are available to you to repaint your furniture. And, don't forget your kitchen, something as simple as repainting the drawers and the cabinet doors will completely transform the space. It's up to you to put it to good use.


Adding some decorative elements

Adding simple decorative elements can add a new flair to your home's decor. A modern door handle, a new painting, an offbeat rug, a crystal vase, golden candles, all these little details have the power to give an air of renewal to the interior. However, it should not be overused to keep this chic, elegant and refined side.


You don't have to be an interior decorating expert to spruce up your home. With the right basics, giving your decor a facelift is quite possible. Diverting the main functions of objects, focusing on DIY, painting old furniture or changing the decorative elements are solutions to achieve this.