Benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheets

This renewable and environmentally friendly material has been all the rage for the past few years, but why is it popular? Here is some info about it.

The most common fabric in the mattress and bedding industry today is still cotton. Sometimes it can be 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, and sometimes it can be rough, low quality cotton. There are other options, like silk, polyester, satin, wool blends, flannel and now a new favorite: bamboo! More and more people are learning the benefits of this material, as an alternative to cotton or as an environmentally friendly product. Bamboo fiber is incredibly soft, strong and durable and can be modified to look like silk or cashmere. It is more absorbent than other fibers, wicks moisture well and dries quickly. It is adaptive, versatile and more affordable hardware than ever before. Although the bamboo fiber is strong, it is very soft, resulting in a silky texture.

In the finest weave, the texture is comparable to cashmere, with the warm comfort of flannel while having the breathable freshness property of Lycra and other synthetic blends. This paradox of coolness and warmth comes from the property of bamboo to wick away moisture. Bamboo is a unique plant that is able to adjust to changes in temperature, and therefore it is possible to grow it in a wide variety of climates. This property is transmitted in the manufactured material, and can adjust to changes in your body temperature.


When woven, microscopic holes remain, allowing the material to breathe without sacrificing the effect of warmth. In the case of a set of bamboo sheets for example, they will keep you cool in summer, and warm in winter, without suffocating you in the heat! Bamboo is very strong, even up to three times the life of the cotton equivalent. Bamboo sheets endure loads well. wash and stay soft for years. If you are looking for durable sheets for your children, bamboo is a great option. This material also has a deodorant quality which prevents odors from lingering in the room and is very stain resistant.


Bamboo is a natural anti-bacterial which is great for kids and babies. Several other materials use an anti-microbe chemical to kill germs, but bamboo's natural qualities do not require chemical additives. Several studies show that bamboo helps reduce the symptoms of certain medical conditions such as athlete's foot and eczema, partly due to its softness. Some studies have shown that bamboo sheets help fight bacteria and thus create a better sleeping environment. Bamboo is not a good place for dust mites and therefore helps create a healthier bed for young children and those with allergies. Bamboo-based products are more expensive than cotton or polyester, but have a long lifespan and increased comfort! In addition to being a renewable resource!