Hiking, accessible to all and full of health benefits

Accessible to all, hiking is a simple exercise, yet so effective and enjoyable! It allows us to fight against a sedentary lifestyle, to preserve our muscle mass and to occupy our mind. Its effectiveness is even better if coupled with a good diet. Let’s analyse the immense benefits of this incredible activity everyone should practice.


Hiking improves bone and muscle conditions

First of all, it will allow you to build deep muscles. We often think that when hiking we only use the muscles of the lower body, but this is not true. The differences in height and the different terrains allow all parts of the body to work by keeping a good balance.Thus, all the muscles, even the deepest are utilised. Improving health conditions such as obesity. Hiking is also very good for the bone system. It promotes bone density and softens the joints, which helps prevent the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. It is recommended for the elderly with osteoarthritis problems and bone loss, but also for young people who are growing to strengthen their bones.


Strengthening the immune and cardiovascular system

Hiking has several benefits for the immune and cardiovascular system. First of all, it helps decrease bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol, which in turn lowers blood pressure. By taking care of the health of your arteries and blood vessels you will reduce the chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases. It also helps to tone the body and melt fat. If you combine hiking with a suitable and healthy diet, it will work wonders if you have some weight to lose.


Increased positivity and decreased stress

Hiking provides feelings of well-being and has positive effects on the mind which are almost immediate. Being in contact with nature allows you to let go of the pressure and reduce negative thoughts. Ergo, it affects our mood and reduces the risk of anxiety and depression.
It is a university in Japan, the University of Chiba, that has made a study showing that people who spend more time in nature and in the open air tend to be calmer, in contact with themselves and much happier. Their research showed that the body reacted directly to nature and that participants had a slower pulse and lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone).


Awaken your senses

In nature, alone or in a small group, we become more aware of what surrounds us. Smell the scents of plants, listen to the songs of birds or the wind in the branches, observe the horizon and the nature that lives around us or even come into contact with the trees or the air ... Hiking is a good opportunity to awaken our senses which are asleep during our busy city lives.

Hiking in Singapore

Singapore might be small, however they are many beautiful hiking trails that will give you a good workout. Here are a few we’ve selected for you:

Bukit Timah

MacRitchie Reservoir

Thompson Nature Park

Southern Ridges

Labrador Nature Reserve