Hygge, a danish way of relaxing.

The hygge was born among our Danish friends a few years ago to describe an art of living combining simplicity, comfort and benevolence with a notion of warmth, both in terms of interior decoration than human behavior.

The concept has spread all over the world, and has brought in its wake other inspiring movements such as Japanese wabi-sabi, Swedish lagom and Scottish coorie. All have in common a reinterpretation of well-being that finds its roots in simplicity, authenticity, wholeness, return to nature, and comfort.

The wabi-sabi adding its paw on the side of imperfection highlighting the value of vintage things, the wear of time. The coorie insists on the source of well-being and the softness of its "cozy nest". Finally, lagom, a Swedish way of life, brings a touch of minimalism and eco-responsibility to the overall concept of small, simple pleasures that make you happy. Besides lagom translates both by the words "optimal" and "moderate".