Tidy Your Room Like Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo's techniques have been proven to cleverly organize every room in the house. Also called the Konmari method, these different easy-to-apply techniques keep your interior tidy and tidy. To this end, specific rules should be followed. Complete file concerning this magic of tidying up to organize your room.

Make tidying a special moment

To feel good at home, it is essential to clean up your belongings. To operate like Marie Kondo, complete investment is required. She states in her book that it is necessary to set aside a full week for storage. If it's not possible to get those 7 successive days, she suggests freeing yourself every weekend over 6 months, depending on the size of the house.

Indeed, we should avoid tidying up little by little every day because this method does not work. Why? Because the storage will go almost unnoticed and the disorder could resurface quite quickly by rebound effect. It would then be impossible to do away with the tidying up.

By adopting the Konmari method to organize your bedroom, tidying up is done once and for all. She allows to :

  • clear up
  • trigger changes in the way of doing or in the way of living

Sort by category

Most of the online tips advise you to organize by zone, starting with the wardrobe and then continuing with the shoeing (shoe closet). However, a well-organized room doesn't necessarily mean it's decluttered.

The fact is that objects of the same category can be stored in several rooms of the house. For example, books might end up in the living room or bedroom.

According to Marie Kondo, “One of the biggest reasons many people fail to tidy up effectively is that they own too much stuff, precisely ignoring the range of their possessions. Being oblivious to the volume that these same objects might represent, it becomes difficult to store effectively so that the same tasks are repeated from room to room. The loss of time becomes significant especially in the absence of storage solutions and tidying up for the home.

According to the Konmari method, it should be sorted by object category and not by room or zone. The tidy lady pointed out that instead of tidying up such and such a room, it is more efficient to take care of clothes, then books, etc. Decluttering is done in this order:

  • clothes and shoes
  • books and papers
  • small decorative items
  • objects of sentimental value

When it comes to cleaning, it is advisable to collect all the items in the same category on the floor. Regarding the clothes, you will have to recover everything that is:

  • in wardrobes
  • in drawers
  • in the dressers
  • in the laundry room
  • on the hook

Keep only the clothes and objects that make you happy

Getting rid of certain unnecessary items can “free up” while still providing a feeling of well-being. What's more, Marie Kondo explains in her book that it would always be better to be surrounded only by clothes and objects that matter and make people happy. To identify them, just take each item in your hands and ask yourself if it gives us any joy. If the answer is yes, it will be put away. Otherwise, it will be discarded since the Konmari method remains radical on this subject: keep only the affairs that touch. The rest is to be thrown away to start a new way of life.

However, it is not necessary to follow everything Marie Kondo advocates to the letter. Indeed, nothing prevents giving a second life to unnecessary objects. Moreover, it is quite possible to do a zero or almost zero waste spring cleaning and storage:

  • by organizing a garage sale
  • by donating them to an association
  • by recycling