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World-class yet proudly home-grown, Epitex continues to be one of Singapore’s comfiest brands, with our wide collection of quality beddings and linens to choose from.






Pure cotton sheets are a popular option for bedsheet fabrics, as they wick moisture away from the skin without feeling hot and clammy. Environmental-friendly, breathable, and cool to the touch. Our 100% cotton, nature touch bedding will create an unforgettable sleeping experience!



The hydrophilic quality of Tencel and breathability of cotton fibers provide the best characteristics with our innovative blend Hybrid Botanic Silk collection. Aside from their softness and coolness properties, these natural fibres are extremely breathable and offer the added benefit of natural moisture-wicking properties. 

The designs on Epitex's bed linens are not repeated. We'll have all of the sizes accessible while it's still fresh. Wait no longer, live the new normal in a way that makes you feel great and rejuvenated while allowing our lives to adapt to changes.

Viro-Guard Series

The Vio Collection uses Swiss textile technology which provides superior anti-microbial and anti-viral protection.

By diluting "wash-out virus suspension" 10 times with 2 percent FBS-containing DMEM, the anti-viral textile finish was shown to drastically reduce cell sensitivity to the virus (SAR-CoV-2). Amplification of viral RNA in the virus suspension utilized in the test was confirmed by real-time RT-PCR results.

Safeguard your loved one while adapting to live the new normal.

The lab test was performed and reported by The Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center.

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Nothing beats the look and feel of fresh bed linens. Our high-quality bedding comes in a multitude of patterns and colors. Woven from cool, soft, light linen and other premium materials.

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Check out our trending sheet and bedding accessories, which look great, feel great, and make you sleep better after a long day at work.

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Epitex was incorporated in 1997. Inspired from the words “Epic Textures” to evoke our passionate pursuit to create the softest materials everyone wants to sleep with. 

World-class yet proudly home-grown, Epitex continues to be one of Singapore’s comfiest brands, with our wide collection of quality beddings and linens to choose from.



What They Say

"This fabric is so incredibly soft & smooth, it feels like I'm sleeping in a luxurious hotel bed every night"


"These bedsheets are incredibly smooth and ultra-soft to touch with a cooling effect!"


"Super love this Cressent Dale bamboo sheets, it's super soft as it is made from 100% bamboo fibre!"


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